• All our products are generally as per the standard requirements of the market. If you have any specific additional requirements like Mounting Clamps, shield Cover etc.. then it will be extra charge and to pay separately after discussions with customer care executive
  • Below 100 Amp, to achieve class 1 is feasible but uneconomical and expensive too hence we suggest Tp (Primary Turn) need to apply. For example, if you wish to achieve desired ratio of 50/5A, 5 VA, Class -1 then can select CT Ratio of 100/5 A and to put external 2 turns so desired ratio can be achieve. In case of CT Ratio 150/5, Then 3 turns to put externally to achieve desired
  • In case of Rectangular CTs, terminal Position needs to specify at the time of placing order. Two options are available that is Longer Side of the CTs or Shorter Side of the CTs. In case of 3 Phase PTs, Required burden is on per Phase or total of 3 Phase. For e.g. PT Ratio 415/110V , 50 VA Class -1. In case of single phase it is considered as 50 VA but in case of 3 Phase it will be 17.33 VA Per Phase. If required burden 50 VA Per Phase then total VA Burden will be 150 VA for 3 Phase.
  • PT is known as Voltage Transformers and not Control Transformers. In Market, PT is known as Control Transformer but it is wrong interpretation. In Control Transformer there will be no accuracy class however people are using sometimes as PT and its functioning as well but its not correct technical product. People are using because Control Transformers are very cheap and Voltage Transformers is expensive by 3 times.
  • In Class PS CTs, customer has to provide Technical Data like VK & RCT Value and without this design is not possible.
  • In three phase Transformers, it is necessary to clarify required Connection i.e. Delta-Star or Star- Delta and without this details, difficult to take next step of production In case of Transformers, Pelton Power practice is to send GTP along with drawing and required to approve before start the production.