Corporate Profile

The future is what we make of it and for that we need, not just the vision to dream but also the commitment to perform and to redefine excellence in the pursuit of a better and brighter future.
Inspired by this philosophy, Pelton Power began its operation in the year 2010 with a range of transformers.
A professionally managed firm, we produce high quality of transformer to cater to fulfill the needs of the transformer industry both for India and abroad. Our well experience expertise lies in the design, development and manufactures the products as per the need of our valuable customers.
‘Pelton Power’ delivers standard as well as customized solutions and reliable services, complying with customer specifications, as also the national and international standards. Oriented towards continuous improvement, the company operates using principles of total Integrated Management, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Dedicated to single point responsibility it encompasses conceptual design, prototype development, testing, manufacturing, and comprehensive after sales service.
Among the most important competitive advantages of ‘Pelton Power’ are its investment with up-to-date technological equipment, its determined steps towards institutionalization and its quality oriented corporate culture and its customer approach.

Vision & Mission

Growth has no limit at Pelton Power.
We keep revising our vision. Only when you can dream it, you can do it.
Through continuous improvement of processes, 'Pelton Power' focused on:
  • Quality & Test Parameters
  • Stage wise Testing & Inspection
  • Process of Production
  • High Productivity
  • Cost effectiveness by creating an environment which encourages team efforts
  • Each Individual's contribution is recognized and esteemed
  • Each individual enjoys his work and has urge to excel
  • Each Individual gives his best to achieve the common vision


We follow comprehensive quality control measures.
Incoming material are well inspected after complying applicable and safety norms.
We also train our people at all levels to keep pace with a change in market trends & technology, a step that ensures continuous growth of our firm.
Our aim is to develop a consistent base of quality materials use to produce the excellent finished product. In addition, we provide excellent sales support to our customers even by after sales.

Facilities for Production of Transformer

The manufacturing capacity of any organization for production of transformer is dependant up on:
We are located in center of Gujarat and therefore necessary Toroidal Cores, Super Enameled Copper Wire, Resin etc. are easily available in a regulated manner with quick to very quick deliveries.
We have well equipped unit that can convert available cores in to the transformers. We have enough toroidal winding machines and if the number of turns is small, winding on machines has to be replaced by winding by hand.
For this, we have adequate trained persons who, between them, can easily convert up to 1000 cores in to the Transformers per shift. We also have an additional work force trained by us, who come on the contract basis for winding work.
Our supervisors and inspection personnel are all familiar with the documentation work and procedures to be followed for maintaining production and quality as per plan.
All necessary facilities for carrying out tests on semi finished and finished transformers are available ‘In House’

Testing of Transformers

  • A particular attention is always given to the testing of the transformers, which is done as per relevant IS standard in our testing Laboratory.
  • All Transformers are 100% tested, using calibrated instruments, by trained engineers.
  • The routine tests are made on each transformer, while the type and special tests are done on the request.